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Never underestimate the power of a small group of people to change the world.
In fact it is the only way it ever has." Margaret Mead
.....We can change the world through Social Engineering. This simple message is to and for those seeking solutions to the issues of the day, the moment, the week, the year, the century, the millennia as well as for the timeless times yet to come. My nickname, "Dr. Dan" has been with me since I was eight years old and so I have a legitimate claim to the name. Now, although I am not a doctor, I can hold forth and do so here and now for the betterment of those seeking, as I said, a way forward, to resolve the raft of global issues that seem, at this moment, intractable, as the legendary Gordian Knot.

..... I am intent upon problem solving and, this site evolved out of my ongoing effort to affect the warp and woof of our social fabric so as to promote a healthy change in the evolution of the human civilization or community on this wonderful world of ours, see the link to Creative Ideas above.

..... Much more is coming, but see the links below, for a sample of large scale imagineering, flights of a fancy, and then, rest assured, that help is on the way. All inquiries: Email Dan!


Global Issues and
large scale projects:


An open letter to the peoples of Gaza, The West Bank, and Israel - it is reasonable, logical, and the absolute best way forward for the complex conflict these peoples suffer from.

The Propositions, These proposals mean to secure social change. Although, for now, there are only four, each has global reach and import.

Billions of Future Jobs, a brief outline of public works programs that would create billions of jobs over the coming centuries!

African Pan-National Unity, Other regions have transnational organizations, Africa, as a continent, can do them all one better.

The next two ideas are of a kind and the follow up note below them provides a vision of of what may seem impossible, but may in fact be a kind of recipe for success!

Mars Made Home! This is a simple idea, really, however complex, and as transformative it might be for the human community on Earth

Living on Venus, This is terraforming a new world for a "planet B" as it were.

However, there is then, this: Build that World!

     The creation of new worlds in our solar system is a grandiloquent effort of immense value. Foremost it would lessen the likelihood that a planetary scale disaster, an ELE, extinction level event, would challenge our continued existence or eliminate our species as well as the rest. Our solar system has immense quantities of a wide variety of materials drifting about waiting to be selected. The fundamental method is to perturb the orbits of useful bodies so that they then move sunward to a selected region of space where they collect and accumulate to a form a planetary sized object. One consideration is using the orbital debris of Jupiter and Saturn but it might also be that economies of scale would prevail if we went farther out. There is the consideration that the larger the body, and the farther away it is from the sun, the more leverage a small influence would have. The orbital path of these immense objects would be affected by drones. These, assembled in orbit, could be quite substantial in size and designed to make use of frozen gasses. By heating them up and venting the resultant vapor they'll have thrust. There are several means of powering these devices. The simplest, perhaps, is that they could use solar power to accumulate electrical energy to create heat but other means are also possible. While there are several ways such devices could impart force upon an object, the point is that we could alter the trajectories of sufficient mass to create a new planetary body.

     Several hundred thousand of such drones could, in a matter of years, begin sending contributions to a chosen site. The location of the new planet's orbit would be an essential issue and care would have to be taken with this aspect of its planning. Although research has yet to be done one might consider an orbit between that of the Earth and Venus.

     While the vast majority of the workers would be remote from the work, I would also suspect there would be a substantial portion of our species in the celestial realm and not only for the duration of this effort.

     Social engineering would be part and parcel to this effort. Several millions of jobs would be created as the network of programs, plans, infrastructure development, and accommodation of the necessary economic, and political cooperation demanded by such a large global effort as it got under way.

     This idea relates to those for Mars and Venus, as well as the idea of an orbital ring created to supplement all those efforts and more.

     An interesting concept is to have this new planet be made, in the main of water, having a rocky core covered by a planetary ocean, as I suggested for Mars. While a time line could be measured in centuries, it may not be the case as it could be done much more quickly than that.  An additional consideration is that the metal collected for the core could be shaped. My thought was that they could be made into large magnetic structures, which could then provide the planet with a magnetic shield, such as what Earth has, so as to protect the planet surface from the dangerous radiation emanating from the sun. The core would be, or could be, inhabited, the system for transport to and from it being created even as the world was.


Research Ideas,
theses, and more:

Lighter than Air Flight and Experiences? Yes, there are ideas that are as innovative and as worthy of an dreamer's eye. The Skyack, a kayak of the air, the Skychair, the highest highchair imaginable and the Skysleeper, dreaming of the clouds while being in and amongst them, exciting, you bet, challenging for the engineer or researcher, yes to both, entrancing to those of means, I'd just about bet on it!

Human Powered Vehicles are inventive ideas of interest to the tinkerer, inventor, the curious, the "gonzo" engineer, perhaps.

Primate Musicology This is a speculative concept, I think worthy of consideration. Can primates,baboons, gorillas and chimpanzees, for example, be taught music and what would the effect of that effort bring to them?

There are several other interesting ideas if you are seeking out large-scale thesis projects that have to do with encouraging societal evolution. At Creative Ideas
we believe the future is part of the present and those who will shape it are reading these ideas.


New approaches
for social change:


Social Engineering is the practical study, research and development, theorizing, experimentation and trials of methods and means by which a society becomes self-aware. super-conscious, and capable of redesigning its structures, operations, practices, management, to the benefit of the entire body politic of a nation state or global civilization. This site is dedicated to ideas that would facilitate positive societal change. These ideas are free to use, research, experiment upon, with, and so on.

We begin with a couple simple ideas, the latter of which I am working on.

The Plant Works This is social engineering on a person to person basis taking on homelessness, the hungry, destitute, and joblessness.

The Global Open Mic is a place where live streaming open mic poetry venues can be found. The current listing: The Global Open Mic has room for many more venues. I will add them on no matter where they're located. I ask poets and organizations to put the hosts of venues in touch with me, via email. The listing includes poetry open mics as long as they are regularly scheduled by the week or month. Imagine - anyone being able to enjoy live poetry - any time they wish! If you have questions or ideas please email me.

This is another idea of mine, far greater in scale than the previous two, but it is one with which I am engaging, albeit carefully.

Social Change via the "People's Poll." This is the heart of iVote - a system, a proposal, that would allow the people to do their own grassroots sourced polling at every level neighborhood to globe. We, the people, will ask the questions, tally responses, and have a complete work around government propaganda, corporate news, and the raft of talking heads all of whom have an interest in forming the opinions, beliefs, and decisions of the people. This is a way out of the morass in which we find ourselves; it is the means to make our will known - iVote means power to the people! Here is just one example: Women's Empowerment for social evolution, progress, peace and prosperity!

Because I have heard of the Earthshot effort, with some enthusiasm, and because of its promise and mission, I am writing an open letter to Prince William and Kate asking them both to consider supporting iVote:

An Open Letter to Prince William and Kate,

Regarding the Earthshot effort:

     I write because I must; I have no choice in this matter.

    The focus of Earthshot on the technical aspects of making for global change is laudable, I hasten to add that the concepts of Societal Engineering provide a far more extensive and quicker route to creating the kind of planet we'd all be happy enough to exist upon. The essential concept, which motivated the creation of iVote, a systemic means of encouraging social engagement at every level of societal organization, from a neighbor's back yard to the global issues and concerns of the day, is creating a means by which the people can influence their environment, their society, their civilization, and their future; the following paragraphs clarify matters.

    iVote is a global system that allows all the peoples of the earth to weigh in on any one government, or all governments, any international organization, effort, or issue, or all of them. The people, thus united, using their own system of polling concerning questions they create, would provide an alternative, a work around, which frees them from perspectives that are governmental, corporate, religious, political, or promulgated by those capable of influencing the masses, or ruling them. The argument for the need to create such a system is that, for the vast most part, most all the nations of the earth do not have governmental systems that are meet with the approval of their own citizens, those the purport to manage or serve. The like can be said for political parties, religious organizations, the state and or purpose of the worlds militaries, and the manner in which the people of most all nations are not provided with the goods and services necessary to meet even basic needs: food, shelter, water, health care, education, justice, and freedom. The people united cannot be defeated and iVote is the means that will help our civilization evolve; it would yield an end to war, poverty, ignorance, want, racism, global warming, unregulated international actors, the endless debt cycle, and all things on that long list which will come to comprise our journey for establishing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as the basis for the legitimacy of any government, any institution, any agency, corporation, or entity, and which would become the basis for legal actions in order to redress grievances.

     The technical aspect of this kind of effort has already been solved. We exchange valuables of all kinds via the interweb, we have secure access to goods and services, and polling, iVoting would be accessible to everyone. The unique aspect of this system is that will involve and be dependent upon interpersonal interactions, making one's connection to the system secure using interactions that are but a single degree of separation. It will work; it is a way forward.

     I'd like to conclude by mentioning that as we are but a few miles apart, we can talk and find a way to make for exciting global change in a matter of weeks or months from the time we begin.

          I am at your service,

                    Dan Brady, Creative Ideas Consulting, San Francisco


Smaller scale ideas for
individual and home:


Garage based Businesses, Although the idea is not new some of these particulars may be. It is worth a few minutes to read and maybe you'll find something you like something that you can do, something that gets the creative juices flowing and then something that is worth trying, even something that works, for you.

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